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When To Visit Tanzania?

When To Visit Tanzania?

When To Visit Tanzania? Overview

The best season to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season, which falls from July to September. These are considered the best months for safaris, the Great Migration, trekking, and beach holidays in Zanzibar.

Of course, these months are peak travel season. They will be busier, and some lodges, hotels, and parks will apply higher rates.

If you prefer a more secluded experience, consider visiting during the short rainy season from the end of October to December.

If possible, you'll want to avoid visiting during the long rainy season in April and May. The rains are often heavy and sudden, which can result in activities being canceled last minute.


At Mtoto Safaris, we understand that the answer depends on personal preferences and interests. Allow us to guide you in discovering your ideal season to visit Tanzania based on your tastes and travel desires.


January – March

These early months of the year are typically the hottest in Tanzania, with February being the peak. The dry season draws many visitors for safaris, and parks may see increased crowds, especially around the New Year.

During this time, wildlife gathers around rivers and lakes for water, making it an excellent opportunity to spot various animals, including zebras, gazelles, lions, and leopards at Tarangire National Park.



Mid-March through May marks the "long rainy season." While mornings may experience rain, afternoons are often sunny and serene. The landscape becomes lush and green, and the animals are lively and active.

While some rough roads may be impassable due to flooding, many parks have paved roads that remain unaffected. This season sees fewer tourists, and accommodations offer discounts, creating an intimate and secluded safari experience for those who don't mind occasional showers.


June – September

Considered the "cold" season in Tanzania, this period offers pleasant weather with chilly mornings and sunny afternoons. The dry season continues during this time, making it a popular season for safaris.

June is a prime time for viewing the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park, attracting many visitors to witness this extraordinary spectacle.


October – December

The short rains typically fall between October and December, gradually warming up towards the end of the year. The blooming jacaranda and Flame Trees add to the beauty of the landscape during this period.

Christmas is a popular time for tourists to visit Tanzania, with special holiday meals and activities often arranged by hotels and lodges.

The weather in December is generally ideal, although parks and accommodations may be more congested than at other times of the year.

At Mtoto Safaris, we are here to help you plan the perfect safari experience, tailored to your preferences and the best time to explore the wonders of Tanzania's wildlife and natural beauty.